Spiro is a multirole leading manufacturers and suppliers of SPECIALTY CHEMICALS for Textile industries. Spiro operates with entrepreneur spirits, which always stay with the customers for focusing on product development, application, marketing and sales.

We take care of both the regulatory requirements in our most important target markets, and also the prevailing trends relating to health and safety, ecological sustainability, and wear comfort. We also value the importance of preserving natural resources. Our products, processes and people are all aligned to promote genuine caring for the environment.

Spiro provides high-performance products and system solutions for increasing the productivity and environmental compatibility of complex manufacturing processes in the textile industries. We also develop and market specific finishing treatments for functional textiles.

• Create cost and quality consciousness at all levels.

• Safe disposal of waste, Air pollution control devices.

• Process efficiency

• Use Information Technology as a strategic tool for management.

• Biodegradable enzymes , Recycled water, Awareness programmes

• Satisfying the customers need and solve their problems.

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