Product Descriptions Characteristics
Spirofeel CSF CW Cold Water soluble Cationic
Easy to dilute in cold water.
Non yellowing and gives better handfeel.
Spirofeel CS 100 Cationic Liquid Softner. Gives Excellent Soft& Silky Hand feel.
Spirofeel CS 100 Eco Cationic Liquid Softner
Gives Excellent Soft& Silky Hand feel.
Spirofeel NS 100 Non ionic Liquid Softner Suitable for Whites.
Non Yellowing
Spirofinish AMP Substantive amphoteric softener
with antistatic properties.
Suitable for cellulosic, synthetic,
blended, knitted and woven fabrics
Non yellowing on white goods and
dyed goods with large white ground
Compatible with fluorescent whitening
agents and most textile chemicals used
in finishing baths.
Spirofeel CB Special blend of fatty amides ,
surfactants and amino modified
Imparts soft, non-greasy handle on all fibres.
Exhibits excellent resistance to yellowing.
Suitable for both exhaust and continuous