Product Descriptions Characteristics
Spiropel 555 Non ionic Fluorocarbon Emulsion
with good compatability with
cross-linking agents, catalysts,
softners and other auxiliaries.
Gives Durable Water & Oil repellent Effect.
It can be used on all type of Fibres.
Gives soft smooth handle to the fabric
Spiropel 655 Cross linking agent based on
blocked isocynate compounds
A bifunctional cross linking agent.
Imparts durability and handle of the textiles.
Spirofinish AM 1000 Antimicrobial Agent Gives Highly effective,durable antimicrobial
Spirofinish UV 100 UV Absorber Gives Exellent UV Absorber Characteristics.
Enhances color Fastness to Light and
perspiration of cloth.
Spirofinish SR Soil Releasing Agent Imparts durable soil release property
Spirostiff SA Stiff Finish Agent Gives Siff finish with wash fastness
Spirofinish UB Anionic Acrylic Co polymer It enhances Abrasion resitance
Spiroflame 214 Flame Retardant Gives a flame retardant finish on cotton and
fulfil the requirement of BS 5852 source 0 & 1
(Cigarette and Match test)
Spiroflame 317 Flame Retardant Gives Flame retardant Finish on synthetics &
their blends.
Durable to Dry Cleaning.
Spiroflame 550 Flame Retardant Gives Flame retardant Finish on Cotton. 
Durable to Dry Cleaning.
Spirofinish APL 200 Antiphenolic Agent Prevents the yellowing property of white and
light due to phenolic compounds of packing
Spirofinish VL A Powdered product used to
produce unique bleach finishes on
denim & terry towel fabric &
Suitable for
Ocean magic wash
Ice wash / Frost look
Marble finish
Spirofinish CA Cationising Agent Specially developed cationic, water soluble
Polymer intended for use in the “cationising of
Cotton” goods prior to pigment dyeing process
Spiropret OBQ Optical Brightner Quencher
A high performance composition
designed for treating fabrics &
garments to help restore original
colour and /or prevent changes in
HUE & Tone brought about by
accidental contamination by
optical brighteners.
It canbe used as a quenching or a stripping
agent to remove fluorescent whiteners from
Textiles, garments & dyeing equipments
SpiroFinish MRC Mosquito Repellent Agent for
It protects the human beings from the bite
of mosquitoes and thereby promising safety
from the diseases like malaria and Nile
SpiroFinish AP Antipilling Agent Imparts excellent anti slip,anti pill and anti
snag Characteristics to all fabric substrates
i.e. Synthetics, cellulosics and their blend
SpiroFinish GC Product to give grey cast on denim
Like laccase
Short process time.
Less degradation of cotton results in
Less loss in tensile & tear strength
Spirofinish LFI Light fastness improver Improves light fastness of cotton and
Polyester fabric
Spirofad FT Fading agent for reactive dyed
Gives vintage/well worn look to the reactive
Dyed garment
Spirofinish BA Bleach bath accelarator.
Substantial reductions in chlorine
Bleach concentrations, bleach
Cycle time and/or process
temperatures to achieve a given
Reduced fabric damage.
suitable for Cotton/lycra blended
garments & fabrics.
Lower Localized abrasion & streak marks.
Spirojean AZ Anti ozonate Organic Softener Protect Indigo Dyestuff Against Ozone.
Prevents Yellowing Caused By Sunlight.
Spirothread L 1000 Formulations of polysiloxane &
Polymeric additives
Reduces coefficient of friction.
Reduces the hairness of the thread.
Uniform pick up across thread surface.
Dries fasty at room temperatute.
Spirosin 228 Low Formaldehyde cross linking
agent for cellulosic fibre and their
Applied for Wrinkle resistant Finish.
Provides Excellent Crease Recovery.
Good dimensional Stability and
Low shrinkage value.
Spirosoft PE Conc Non ionic Poly ethylene Emulsion Improves Tear and abrasion resistance.
Improves Sewability.